Are you one of those food lovers who love to pamper their taste buds? Are you the one who believes that I am beautiful?  Or are you the one who loves to bring out the little creative person in you?
Well then you have landed on the right page!
Our blog “Palate & Palettes – Satiate your Mind, Body and Soul” comprises of 3 elements: Food, Beauty and DIY and the name explains it.
“Palate” is the roof of our mouth which provides us the ability to appreciate taste and different flavors. We will be sharing various recipes on this blog to give your taste buds a tickle.
“Palette” is a thin board used by the artists to mix colors, this could be color palette for painting you imagination or a palette to mix your foundation, eye shadows and lip colors to make yourself look beautiful.  We will be sharing different insights to enhance your inner beauty and to bring out the creativity in you.
And with a combination of all these three you will truly satisfy your mind, body and soul.